Automate Your Awnings and Shutters

When we install retractable awnings, rolling shutters and exterior sunscreens at a residential or commercial location, we can also install some form of motorized automation and controls. Adding motorized controls to your shades and shutter systems allows you to conveniently control your awning from up to 65 feet away. State of the art sensors automatically control your awning to maximize your energy savings and protect your entire system form damage during storms, with computerized wind sensors. Sun sensors will monitor when the sun is hitting your house and will automatically open your awnings then close them once the sun is no longer beaming through your windows.e

Our control systems extend your awning, sunshades and rolling shutters with no effort on your part except the push of a button on the remote control. There is even app for your tablet or smartphone so that you can control your shutters when you aren’t even at home!

How does automation work?

Using Radio Technology by Somfy® (RTS), the motorized controls offer a high performing, reliable solution for your awnings, shutters and exterior sunshades. With a radio receiver integrated within the motor, all wiring is eliminated making RTS the ultimate choice for hassle-free installation, and quick and easy operation.

What about motorized rolling shutters?

Whether you already have rolling shutters installed or are looking to install a new system to your home or business, any shutter system can be automated. With an RTS motor, you can operate all your shutters with the push of a button eliminating the need to walk around and close them individually. With obstacle detection, you can rest assured that the motor will stop automatically if obstacles are detected. And with a motor control installed, the rolling shutters resists manually lifting which increasing the safety of the shutters.

So whether you are installing a new shade and shutter system or wanting to retrofit your existing system, Heritage Shade and Shutter has an automated solution to fit your needs.

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