Awning Installations on the North Shore

We have provided shading solutions to clients in North Vancouver and West Vancouver since 2004. Whether it is shading for a deck patio or balcony, retractable awnings are by far the most popular product we install. All our awnings are custom built; clients choose from various features that allow each to be fully satisfied to meet their personal needs. Awnings can be manually operated or motorized with automation capability. Every client gets their choice of Sunbrella fabric, valence style, frame and arm colour and more along with a 5-year product warranty. Thanks to our suppliers that provide exceptional products, our professional consulting and installation staff, we continue to service communities in and around the North Shore including North Vancouver, West Vancouver and even as far as Whistler, BC.

Awning Installations in West Vancouver

West Vancouver is an area we find ourselves servicing throughout the year, such as the community at Sunset Beach. The most common way our company is promoted is through returning customers and word of mouth, our Seascape clients have been referring us to their neighbours for various shading solutions since 2004. The featured photo on this blog shows the picturesque vantage point, however, this also exposes homeowners to the west facing sun in the evenings. Most awnings can be outfitted with drop screens to extend the enjoyment of your evenings outdoors, by providing further shade as the sun sets. We have installed over 40 awnings at Seascapes, with additional new clients reaching out to us each year.

North Vancouver Awning Installations

You may have read our advertorial in the North Shore News about Novo Solar and Heritage Shade & Shutter along with the products and service we provide to clients. We specialize in shading solutions which reduce cooling costs for homeowners by as much as 50% in some cases. Don’t wait for the summer heat, if you are interested in getting a quote for one of our awnings contact us today!