Retractable Awning Installation was First Class

The Heritage Shade and Shutter HomeStars page continues to get great review from satisfied clients With a wide range of products such as retractable awnings, patio covers and sunshades.

I decided to buy an awning system from Heritage Shade and Shutter after a guy I know referred me to them. I thought they were excellent. I actually live in White Horse, and Marc came all the way out to where I am to install the awning. He’s a first class guy providing first class service. I was really impressed.

This customer was located up North and Mark made a special trip up there to visit family and do this installation at the same time. Our main service area for retractable awning installations is Vancouver and the lower mainland, but even if you are located outside of this area we still may be able to help. Get in touch with Mark to see if there are any upcoming trip to your area.