Sunshades in Squamish

Heritage Shade & Shutter provides a number of solar shade products. We believe that having a mix of energy solutions like solar power and energy saving products like exterior sunshades creates a truly liveable, modern home for the 21st century.

We recently installed exterior sunshades in a home in Squamish, BC. The home faces south-west and has great views across the valley. The sun tracks across the deck of house throughout the afternoon and that solar radiation begins to heat the home through the windows. Adding exterior sunshades that can be controlled to cover the windows at a certain time of the day allows the Squamish home owners to control the interior temperature and reduce their cooling costs in the warmer times of the year.

Watch this video of the automated sunshade retracting

Solar Screens shelter your home from the Sun

There are many other benefits to installing automated, exterior sunshades at your home or business.

  • Filters up to 94% of UV rays
  • Reduces heat gain by up to 88%
  • Eliminates fading
  • Filters glare
  • Preserves your view
  • Reduce cooling bills
  • Quiet even in windy conditions

Our Solar Screens shelter your home from the sun and all the while keeping your outdoor view and allowing you to control interior lighting. At the touch of a button you can retract and open your sunshades with our automated systems. Remote control and mobile device apps make closing and opening a breeze, even when you are away from home.

So when the weather gets hotter and the sun continues to shine, an exterior sunshade in Squamish is an excellent option for any home or business.